Sign Up Guidelines 




  • Please access the online roster at to sign up for weekly games. We recommend that you set this website as an icon on your cell phone home screen for easy access.

  • Sign up begins at 12:01 PM Monday, the week prior to league play the following Wednesday.


  • Sign up ends at 12:00 PM the Monday of the league play.


  • Go to the roster, highlight your name, then hit the “reserve tee time” button.


  • The tee time reservation date appears at the top of the roster.  Please make sure you’re signing up for the date you want to play.


  • You will receive a confirmation email with the date after you sign up.


  • If no tee times are available when you access the system, Wait until MONDAY 12:01pm to contact the Pairings Chair, Karen Mahoney, by email to to be added to the wait-list. It is recommended that you keep checking the site as sometimes spots open up as members change their plans.


  • Please do not contact the Pairings Chair with requests for a specific pairing or tee time.  In fairness to all members, such requests cannot be honored.


  • Pairings are sent from the Pairings Chair, Karen Mahoney, via the the Golf Genius Pairings Program on Tuesday afternoon prior to play. This email is a “NO REPLY” email.  If you have any questions, email Karen at


  • Do not reply to the pairings email sent by Karen, or call the Pro Shop for any league related tee time issues.  Contact Pairings Chair, Karen Mahoney




  • The Galz system emails a list of players signed up for play at noon on Monday of the current week’s play date.   If you are expecting to play, please verify that your name appears on this list.


  • If you have missed the Monday noon deadline to sign up for the current week’s play date, and you want to play, please contact the Pairings Chair, Karen Mahoney ( ONLY after 12:01pm on Monday


  • Since the Pro Shop releases our un-needed tee times on Monday based on the number of players signed up by the noon deadline, it is not possible to guarantee that late sign-ups can be accommodated even when we do not have a full field of 48 as of the sign-up deadline. 


  • The Pairings Chair is responsible to contact the Pro Shop if a late sign up request necessitates an additional tee time.   If an additional tee time is required, but not available, the Pairings Chair will add you to the wait list in case of cancellations, if you wish.


  • Open spots in threesomes will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.   If there are two or three threesomes, please do not ask the Pairings Chair to add you to a specific group or tee time.  The Pairings Chair will decide which group to add you to.


  • Depending on the format of the game, pairings criteria and other considerations, you may not be eligible to participate in the weekly game, even if your late sign up request can be accommodated.  For example, if the format is a 4-person team event, and your handicap does not allow you to be substituted for a missing player (blind draw) without significant changes to the pairings, you will not be able to participate in the weekly game.  You will be advised accordingly.  You will receive credit for a round played and still be eligible for the optional buy-in game, Ringers and birdies.


  • The Pro Shop requires the pairings file to be sent to them by 1pm on Tuesday, the day before play.  After the pairings file has been sent to the Pro Shop, late sign up requests cannot be accommodated. 


  • Late sign-up requests must be directed to the Pairings Chair.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PRO SHOP, they will not accept requests from anyone other than the Pairings Chair or Captain. 








  • LTLC reserves the right to charge a $25.00 cancellation fee if cancellations are made after the deadline.


  • Legend Trail Golf Club reserves the right to charge Green Fees for no shows and cancellations that occur on LTLC league days.