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Sign Up Guidelines



  • The league is using a program called Golf Genius which is provided to our league as a service of our memberships in AGA. 


  • You will receive an auto-generated email from Karen Mahoney (Pairings Board Member) via Golf Genius every Thursday @ 8am inviting you to sign up for the next League Wednesday.  The email will contain a reply button to indicate if you are playing or not playing.


  • Once you have replied to the email, you will get a confirmation email from Golf Genius that you are confirmed for the next Wednesday OR that you are on the wait list.


  • Sign up registration OPENS on Thursday at 8am and CLOSES on the following Sunday at noon, allowing members 3 days to sign up. 


  • Sign up registration is on a first come – first serve basis. Once all 48 tee times are filled up, Golf Genius will collect names for the waitlist.  If anyone cancels while the sign up registration is open, Golf Genius will automatically choose the next person to fill the open spot.  You will receive an email from Golf Genius notifying you that you are now eligible to be on the roster for the following Wednesday





  • Please do not contact the Pairings Chair with requests for a specific pairing or tee time.  In fairness to all members, such requests cannot be honored.


  • Pairings are sent from the Pairings Chair, Karen Mahoney, via the Golf Genius Pairings Program on Tuesday afternoon prior to play. This email is a “NO REPLY” email.  If you have any questions, email Karen at The pairings can also be found on our website under the Members Only tab and look for “Weekly Pairings” on Tuesday afternoon before league day.


  • Do not reply to the pairings email sent by Karen, or call the Pro Shop for any league related tee time issues.  Instead, contact Karen Mahoney at





  • While the sign up registration is OPEN: The only way to cancel your reservation for League day is to find the CONFIRMATION email from Golf Genius and cancel your reservation from inside that email.


  • In Case of Emergency between Sunday noon and Tuesday night:  Contact Karen Mahoney, at


  • In Case of Emergency on Wednesday Morning before League play: Contact the LT Pro Shop and cancel. 


  • LTLC reserves the right to charge a $25.00 cancellation fee if cancellations are made after the deadline.


  • Legend Trail Golf Club reserves the right to charge Green Fees for no shows and cancellations that occur within 24 hours on LTLC league days

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