LTLC 18 Hole Ladies League

2021-2022 Game Schedule and Calendar


October 23rd –       "Season Planning Meeting” 10am

October 27th –        "Season Opener”  Hollywood Spooktacular (4-person game)

November 3rd –      "Consecutive 3” (individual game) AB/CD

                                    Before teeing off pick 3 “consecutive” holes to throw out. The remaining 15 holes are   your                                        net score.

November 9th –        “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

November 10th –      "Snake” (individual game) Random pairing

                                    Each foursome will have a snake. The player who 3 putts first gets and keeps the “snake”                                              until the next person 3 putts and it is passed to this person and so on.  It is possible the snake                                      could be passed up to 4 times on each hole. The player that is holding the “snake”at the end                                      of the game is eliminated from the event.  Your score will be the total of all your putts.

  November 17th –    “Partners in Crime” (2-person team) AD/BC pairing

                                     Your cart partner and you should choose the one best net ball on each hole and circle it.                                               The total team score should be the net total of the scores chosen.

 November 24th –      "Turkey and Stuffing” (Individual game) Random pairing

                                     The holes starting with a “T” or “S” are the only holes that count for your net score.  (#2,                                               #3, #6, #7, #10, #12, #13, #16, #17)

December 1st –          “Criss Cross” (individual game) AD/BC pairing

                                     After play pick alternate holes from front and back for your score (ex; 1 or 10, 2 or 11 etc.)                                             and circle the ones you are using.  Your total net game score should be only those scores.

December 7th –          “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

December 8th –          “Hard 9” (individual game) Like handicap pairing low to high

                                      The hardest handicapped holes are the only net scores that count. (#1, #3, #4, #7, #9, #11,                                            #13, #16, #17)

December 15th –        "Odd and Even” (Individual game) AB/CD Pairing

                                     The odd holes on the front and the even holes on the back will total your net score.  (#1, #3,                                         #5, #7, #9, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18)

December 22nd –      “22” (2-person team game) AD/BC Pairing

                                     Your team will need to have 22 net scores by the end of 18 holes and you must decide to use                                       or not after each hole is played and before the next hole begins.  On 14 of the holes you will                                       use 1 score and on 4 holes you will need to use 2 scores. Your score will be relative to

                                     par +/- so if you get a net 2 (eagle)on #1 and a net bogey and decide to use one score you                                           will be -2, if you get a net 4 and net 5 on #1 and want to use both scores you will be +1.

December 29th –        “Bargain Day” (individual game) Random Pairing

                                      After play convert 2 holes on the front and 2 holes on the back to net par.  The total of 14                                              remaining holes plus the 4 converted back to par will be your net score. 

January 5th –               “Fabulous Fours” (individual game) Like Handicap high to low

                                      The par 4’s are the only holes that count for this game.  Your scorecard should total the net                                          scores on the par 4’s only.

January 11th –             “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

January 12th –             “State medallion 1st round” “Oil and Water” (Individual game) Like Handicap low to high

                                      This will be a low gross and low net game for everyone.  Your score should have both gross                                          and net totals. State Medallion players must finish every hole.

January 19th –             “Mid-Season” (4-person game)

January 26th –             “Bookends” (2-person team) AD/BC Pairing

                                       After play take one player’s total net from holes #1-5 and the other teammates score from                                             holes #14-18. 

February 2nd –             “State Medallion 2nd Round” “Ground Hog Day” “(individual game) Like handicap high to                                         low

                                       Your total score should be all hole’s net scores plus add total putts. State Medallion players                                         must finish every hole.

February 8th –              “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

February 9th –              “Match Play 1st Round “Super Bowl” (individual game) Like handicap pairing low to high

                                       Low gross/Low net for all players.  If you are participating in match play you must play the                                             hole out if you want to participate in the weekly game.

February 16th –            “Match Play 2nd Round” “Triple Play” (individual game) Like handicap pairing high to low

                                       You will count your best 3 net scores on par 3’s, best 3 net scores on par 4’s and best 3 net                                           scores on par 5’s.  Your scorecard should total the net scores of those holes according to                                               directions.  If you are participating in match play you must play the hole out if you want                                                 to participate in the weekly game

February 23rd –            “Match Play 3rd Round” “Better Side” (individual game) Like handicap pairing low to high

                                       After play choose your net score from either the front or back and those 9 holes will be your                                        score.  If you are participating in match play you must play the hole out if you want to                                                   participate in the weekly game.

March 2nd –                  “Two Best Net” (4-person game) ABCD pairing

                                       This is a four-person team event.  After every hole choose the 2 best net scores for the                                                 team. Each player must use 4 scores minimum. 

March 8th –                   “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

March 9th –                   “State Medallion round 3” “Bert and Ernie” (individual game) Random pairing

                                       This will be a low gross and low net game for everyone.  Your score should have both gross                                         and net totals.

March 16th –                 “Sweet 16” (individual game) AB/CD pairing

                                       After Play throw out one score on the front and one score on the back.  The remaining 16                                             holes are your net score.

March 21st –                 (Monday) “Club Championship Round 1” like handicap pairing

                                       Low gross/low net

March 23rd -                 “Club Championship Round 2” “Salt and Pepper” (individual game) like handicap pairing                                             high to low. 

                                       Low gross and low net.  You should have both totals gross and net on your card.

March 30th –                 “Chapman Scotch” (2-person team) AD/BC pairing

                                       Both partners tee off, switch and hit your partners drive, then choose one ball and alternate                                         from there until it’s in the hole. Your score should be the total gross score. The scores will                                             be adjusted to net at a reduced % of your team handicap. Low handicap by 60% and higher                                         handicap by 40%.

April 6th –                     “Stableford” (4-person game) ABCD pairing

                                       Points will be given for net bogeys (1), net par (2), net birdie (3), net eagle (4), and net                                                   albatross (5).  Your score should be total points of all 4 players. If you are in the position to                                           get net double bogey or worse, please pick up your ball.

April 12th –                    “Board Meeting” 3pm Cantina

April 13th –                    “State medallion final round” “Fred and Wilma” (Individual game) Random pairing

                                        This will be a Low Gross/Low Net game for everyone.  Your scorecard should have both                                                gross and net totals.

April 20th -                     "Year End Event” (4-person game)