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Please review the FAQ section of the website prior to filling out this application.  You must have a verifiable qualifying handicap index of 32.0 or lower to apply for membership.  League membership is limited so generally there is a waiting list.


We encourage you to fill out this application. Once submitted, our Membership Chairperson will contact you within 7 days, place you on the waitlist and provide more information. Please keep in mind that we currently have 37 people on the waitlist with a maximum of 84 members.   If you have any additional questions, please contact us. 

Please provide the name of your primary golf club affiliation

If you belong to another state's golf association and it does not use the GHIN system, please provide the name of the association and your membership number below.

How did you hear about our league?

Thanks for submitting!

Application Temporarily Closed
Due to limited availability and an influx of applications, we have closed the application process for now.  Please check back in the spring of 2024 

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